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Most of our patients find that paying for their dental treatment is more economical with one of our Dental Care Plans. We appreciate however that, when you’re new to The Smile& Implant Centre, you’ll probably want to get to know us a little better before you commit to an annual plan.

The prices shown below are provided as a guide. We’ll provide you with a full break down of costs, together with a treatment plan at your cosmetic consultation or dental health check, so you’ll know what to expect.

Please note that in all cases, payment is required on the day that treatment is provided. If you prefer, we can offer 0% interest free finance (terms and conditions apply), please contact us for details.

Routine dental treatment is provided free, on the NHS, for children under the age of eighteen.

We currently offer two Dental Care Plans:

  • Dental Care Plan @ £12.26 per Month

  • Dental Care Plan Plus @ £17.91 per Month

You can view more details of our low cost Dental Care Plans here.

Price List

Dental Care Plan @£12.89 per Month
Dental Care Plan Plus @£18.00 per Month

ItemFee per item From..SDP Member price 20% discount From..Saving for SDP member
Radiographs (small)£9.00Inclusive
OPG (large xray)£35.00£35.00
OPG (without examination) £40.00£35.00
Cleaning Dentist£43.00Inclusive
Cleaning Hygienist£43.00Inclusive
Amalgam (silver)from£85.00£68.00£17.00
White composite
Root fillings
Small (Incisor and Canines)£275.00£220.00£55.00
Medium (Premolars)£375.00£300.00£75.00
Large (Molars)£475.00£380.00£95.00
Porcelain Bonded Crown from£372.00£310£62.00
Full Gold Crown from£450.00£360£90.00
Zirconia/Ceramic Crown from£510.00£410£100.00
3 Unit Bonded Bridge from£1116.00£930.00£186.00
Porcelain Inlays from £510.00£410.00£100.00
Emax/Porcelain Veneers from £510.00£410.00£100.00
Partial Plastic from£264£220£44
Full/Full Plastic from£650.00£520.00£130.00
Upper or Lower Plastic from£360.00£288.00£72.00
Metal based Part or Full from£650.00£520.00£130.00
Other Items
Gum shields£156.00£130.00£26.00
Home Bleaching with Trays£219.00£199.00£20.00
Implants fixture£1650£1650-
Implant crown£750£750-
Laboratory Wax Up£375.00£300.00£75.00

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All our prices are exempt from VAT. All work is guaranteed for one year. We can accept all major credit cards, debit cards, bankers drafts and cash.